Why Quickbooks Online?

Posted on Dec 21, 2016 | 0 comments

We can’t all be cool enough to be accountants.  And when a non-accountant is starting a new business, the financials and accounting can be overwhelming.  You know you can deduct expenses.  And you know you have to track how much money is going out and how much money is coming in.  And sometimes, an accountant isn’t in the cards from day one.  So what’s a mere mortal to do?

Accounting software is getting easier and more accessible every year. But there is also more and more noise online about which is the best accounting software for you. From free options like Wave to subscription-based options like Quickbooks Online, it is difficult to know what to do.  FNG, LLC can help you decide.

We love Quickbooks Online.  Why? It is inexpensive, powerful, easy to use, and grows with your business. The tools are also split into types of businesses.  Self-employed consultant? You don’t need to worry about inventory controls, so why clutter up your accounting software menu and interface with inventory and payroll? Non-profit? Your tax forms and categories will be completely different than a for profit business, so your accounting software should reflect that.

In addition, Quickbooks Online has a host of mobile apps to help you track expenses and mileage on the go, literally. Your day to day accounting process can be as simple as a right or left swipe.

But our favorite part of Quickbooks Online is the flexibility to grow with your business.  Maybe you start in one category and quickly grow to another.  Maybe your service suite or product lines change over time.  Maybe you start as a one person show but take on employees in the future.  And maybe your business only needs yearly tax preparation now but is growing into a larger organization with deeper accounting needs. You can easily modify Quickbooks Online to add services, products or an accounting partner.  Making it a fantastic, scalable option that will start your business on the right footing.

Often, we hear from clients that their accounting software is frustrating or difficult to set up. And if you’re nervous about DiY accounting, we do have a set-up service to get you started, including training on ongoing software use.  But overall, Quickbooks Online is our recommendation for accounting software. It’s the easiest for us to set up and for you to maintain. And the easiest for us to maintain for you as your future accounting partner.

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