What’s Your Number?

Posted on Nov 14, 2016 | 0 comments

As small business owners, there are nagging things that weigh on our minds.  Doesn’t matter if we’re business coaches working independently or running a 30-person creative agency.  Doesn’t matter if we have $50,000 in revenue or $5,000,000. We all have a number.

You know, the number that is the threshold for anxiety.  If your business accounts fall below this amount, you’re up at night, worrying about tomorrow. You fret and run over decisions in your head.  You start to look at how you can cut costs, question whether you’ll make payroll, decide to skip vacations and put a hold on personal expenditures.

This is the moment you’re grateful for your accounting partner.  A person who listens to your very serious concerns with empathy.  A person who can help you create a plan to get your number back by showing you all the possible paths and then recommending one for your long-term success. Regardless of the reason your account status changed, a partner who knows all your numbers can help alleviate your concerns.

There are many reasons to hire the right accountant.  From accounting software set-up to detailed business planning and consulting, an accountant can improve your business immensely. We know this, and yet we miss the best reason of all.  An accountant is someone in your financial corner. Someone who is there to figure out how you never have to worry about your number again. We can all use that.

FNG, LLC can be that partner.  Call Bjorn at 612-888-3950 or click here to connect.

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