Who’s Who


This is Bjorn.  He's the boss.  He's also the business.  Bjorn is no stranger to small businesses (even started a few in his younger years).  He tried working for other people but kept thinking, "Hey, I think I could do this better".  And so, he stepped out on his own to start Financial Navigation Group, LLC.  But one thing was clear from the beginning.  He refused to be just another accounting firm.  We are proud to say we aren't!

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Version 2


Here's Emily.  She's supported Financial Navigation Group, LLC since it was just a twinkle in Bjorn's eye, watched it grow and recently decided part time wasn't enough.  We plan to take full advantage of her communication and customer service skills, her personable nature, her ideas for process improvement and her ability to poke fun at Bjorn.  Oh, did we mention she's married to him too?

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And this is Mark. On a quest to make accounting cool again, he is loving the opportunity to marry his passions for accounting and technology to make our work more effective and keep our clients doing what they do best. Outside of work, Mark is an avid volleyball player - at least when he’s not busy running after his four kids. Only two more (pending spousal approval), and he’ll have his own little co-ed volleyball team!




Here's David.  A self-proclaimed "recovering" Internal Revenue Agent for the IRS, body boarding, tax law loving, CPA!  He and his musician wife stay busy with three little ones. We're excited to share David's expertise and knowledge with you.

Here's Will. Will is one of our amazing accountants. He is currently working towards his MSBA and plans to become a CPA, Certified Public Accountant also known as, Certified Party Animal. The only thing he loves more than working with numbers is traveling and the great outdoors. If he is not behind a computer, he can usually be found exploring what nature has to offer.